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The Global Impact Exchange quarterly publication serves to advance domestic and international conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity in global education with respect to the thematic focus identified each quarter.

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Summer 2021 - Exploring Opportunities for Global Engagement Within Local Communities

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  • Winter/Spring 2021 - Disrupting Global Education's History: Reimagining the Next 100 Years
  • Fall 2020 -Inclusion & Belonging in Times of Global Crisis
  • Summer 2020 - Taking a Look Inward: Strengths-Based Approaches to Supporting Student Engagement
  • Winter 2020 - Fostering Exchange Across Difference: Identity & The International Student Experience
  • Fall 2019 - Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Diverse Talent in International Education
  • Summer 2019 - Being *BLANK* Abroad: Health, Safety, and Security Concerns for Diverse Students
  • Winter 2019 - Bridging the Gap: Cross-generational Perspectives on Diversity in Global Education
  • Fall 2018 - High Impact Practices & Global Education: Leveling the Playing Field
  • Spring 2018 - Intersectionality, Identity & Global Education: Exploring the Complexities
  • Winter 2018 - Global Education in an Age of Nationalism


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Fall 2021 Call for Article Submissions

Diversity Abroad welcomes submissions for the Fall 2021 edition of The Global Impact Exchange: A Quarterly Publication of Diversity Abroad. Article submissions can take various forms, including: scholarly articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, student stories, personal narratives, research findings, etc. We encourage contributors who have experience working with diverse and underrepresented groups in global education including racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQI+, persons with disabilities, religious diversity, high financial need, community college students, and first generation college students. Selected articles will be shared widely through Diversity Abroad communication platforms.



As we begin to plan for global education opportunities, how are we framing health, safety, and well-being in the changing world. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has recently announced “racism as a serious threat to the public’s health.” Considering the negative impact that racism and discrimination has on the mental health of students, staff, and faculty, what support mechanisms are being built or enhanced to ensure all constituents are supported when impacted by instances of discrimination and/or racism? How are we centering equity and inclusion in health, safety, and wellbeing discussions, strategies, and programming? How are campus leadership, faculty, staff, students/families, and providers integrating new health, safety, and wellbeing protocols into global education programming? After over a year of working from home, how will wellbeing be factored into staff and faculty success as global education programs begin to pick back up? What strategies would be helpful for offices who continue operating under a hybrid model to ensure effective student support? What support is in place for international students who are arriving on campus? For international students who will be participating remotely, how will their wellbeing be centered in their global education experience? How are we tailoring the message specifically for international students around health, wellness, and wellbeing to ensure they are supported and can be successful?


  • Student support & Services
  • Allyship
  • Safety and Security
  • Professional Development
  • Collaboration
  • Literature Review
  • Multicultural Student Experiences
  • Promising Practices/Case Studies
  • Personal Narratives from Global Educators
  • Ethical Engagement

    Articles (can have multiple authors)

    750 - 1200 words

    Should draw upon research and thought leadership to build the narrative

    Opinion Pieces

    No more than 750 words

    Book Reviews/Overview

    No more than 750 words

    Book reviews/overviews will highlight key areas of significance to global education in the context of access, inclusion, diversity, and equity.

    The main task of the Editorial Advisory Board is to review article submissions for the Diversity Abroad Quarterly publication. While not a peer-reviewed academic journal, the Diversity Abroad Quarterly publication compiles articles to advance domestic and international conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity in global education with respect to the thematic focus identified each quarter. Click here to view past Editorial Advisory Board members.
    • Shakeer A. Abdullah, Ph.D. - Clayton State University Vice President of Student Affairs

    • Erich Dietrich, Ph.D. - New York University Professor of Higher Education & International Education, NYU Steinhardt
      Associate Academic Director, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Community Programs, NYU Abu Dhabi

    • Vivian-Lee Nyitray - University of California, Education Abroad Program Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director

    • Paloma Rodriguez - University of Florida Director, Office of Global Learning
    June 25: Call for Article Proposals Closes
    July 2: Invitations Sent for Full Articles
    August 9: Invited Articles Received (full draft)
    September: Reviewer Feedback Available
    Mid September: Final draft of Invited Articles received (with revisions)
    October 2021: Target Publication Date
    For those interested in contributing to the publication, the first step is to submit an article proposal of approximately 100-200 words and include the title, brief synopsis of the article, and the author(s). If accepted for consideration, additional instructions for submitting the full article for review by the Editorial Advisory Board will be provided. NOTE: article proposal form functionality is optimal when using Chrome or Safari browsers. Deadline to submit initial article proposal: June 25, 2021


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