U.S. and Non U.S. Institution

U.S. and non-US institutions that provide global learning opportunities for students from U.S. colleges and universities. If a U.S. college or university enrolls students from other institutions and these students comprise more than 25% of the total enrolled in the education abroad programs of the applicant, the applicant institution is considered a Provider Organization. The US Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs is used in determining multi-campus eligibility for membership at US institutions. Enrollment is based on the most recent year of data available and includes total undergraduate plus graduate enrollment.

  • Enrollment Up To 3,000 - $640 | 2 membership licenses included
  • Enrollment 3,001 - 6,000 - $1025 | 4 membership licenses included
  • Enrollment 6,001 - 10,000 - $1450 | 7 membership licenses included
  • Enrollment 10,001 - 20,000 - $1835 | 10 membership licenses included
  • Enrollment 20,001 - 30,000 - $2300 | 13 membership licenses included
  • Enrollment more than 30,000 - $2515 | 16 membership licenses included
Join as a U.S/Non U.S Institution

Community Partners, Associations or Government Organizations

This category provides membership for community partners, professional associations, and governmental organizations and agencies.

  • Price: $1600
  • 2 membership licenses included

Secondary Institutions

This category provides membership for K-12 education institutions that manage global education activities. Membership is limited to one institution (ie. not district-wide). Provider organizations that target secondary-age students may apply for membership using the Education Abroad Provider category.

  • Price: $430
  • 2 membership licenses included

University System-Level Office

This category provides membership for professionals who work within a university system-level office. System-level office membership does not provide access for all institutions across a university system (see system-wide membership option below to explore this option).

  • Price: $1600
  • 5 membership licenses included
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